Our first Beardie was Max who arrived in 1993 and was followed by Holly (Kilfinan Hillmaid at Chetcote) our foundation bitch.


Our breeding

We breed first and foremost to produce healthy, well-balanced dogs.  Although most Bearded Collies are no longer used for herding, we aim to breed dogs that are constructed in a way that would allow them to work all day in the fields and highlands in which they were originally raised.  Some might suggest our dogs may look "old-fashioned" and perhaps not as glamorous as others you may see.  We like it that way.


Should you, while wandering in the wild sheep land, happen on moor or in market upon a very perfect gentle knight, clothed in dark grey habit, splashed here and there with rays of moon; free by right divine of the guild of gentlemen, strenuous as a prince, lithe as a rowan, graceful as a girl, with high kink carriage, motions and manners of a fairy queen, should he have a noble breadth of brow, an air of still strength born of right confidence, all unassuming; last and most unfailing test of all, should you look into two snowclad eyes, calm, wistful, inscrutable, their soft depths clothed on with eternal sadness—yearning, as is said, for the soul that is not theirs—know then, that you look upon one of the line of the most illustrious sheepdogs of the North.
— Alfred Ollivant